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News and views on resilience – thriving under stress.

  • Acknowledgement
    Acknowledgement is powerful. We did a “soft launch” of our huge Covid-19 vaccination site. Our “customers” includes some police officers. As the driver of a two-person car was getting the shot, I asked the […]
  • We can’t go on like this
    A long time ago (seems like another lifetime), I worked for the White House’s communications contractor to develop a proposal to change the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) from pure text to multimedia. (I was […]
  • Readers love “Resilience During the Pandemic”
  • Could Sheltering in Place Be Increasing Our Resilience?
    Where Have All the Heart Attacks Gone? asks a New York Times story. Fewer people are showing up in U.S. emergency rooms with cardiac issue and strokes. Same in Spain. What’s going on? Perhaps […]
  • Resilience Myths
    Building resilience means experiencing stress and recovery, which are widely misunderstood. A first step is to let go of destructive myths. This is an excerpt from Nick Arnett’s upcoming book, Stress Into Strength: Resilience […]